Our new offices at Discovery Park

We’re really enjoying our new offices at the Discovery Park in Sandwich.  It’s a great space with extensive facilities, gym, cafe, canteen and break out rooms onsite.  Everyone is really friendly and there’s a strong collaborative ethic.  Although the buzz isn’t quite the same as it was pre-covid due to many companies still not having a full complement of staff back in the office, it’s steadily getting busier and busier.   There’s a real optimism on site with Pfizers increasing their numbers again and rumours of a Covid vaccine in the making.  Also there is the promising potential of substantial grants and investments of up to £60 million for the site. It’s a great time to be here and have the opportunity to work alongside some impressive,innovative, creative businesses.


KSS Air Ambulance

As members of the Invicta Chamber we get to meet great businesses in Kent and today was no exception, except the presentation was a little different and it was a real pleasure to meet the team and understand more about the Air Ambulance Kent, Surrey & Sussex.  They offer an invaluable, enhancing and life saving role to emergency services but they rely purely on contributions.

  • One call out will cost £3700 and they can service up to 6 call outs a day
  •  725 patients were taken to trauma centres last year
  • 108 patients received life-saving blood products
  • £1 for one sheet of bubble wrap, which they use to keep trauma patients warm

If like us you feel inspired please look at their webpage, you can raise money whilst having fun https://www.aakss.org.uk

TIDES of change

We were invited by the Chamber of Commerce to attend a business event in Calais.  We had a presentation from the Mayor of Calais who appreciates the bond between Kent and Calais and the Mayor didn’t see Brexit as a means to break those all important ties, which was encouraging.

We looked at where the future business will be and what will those candidates of the future look like.  One of the messages referred to the Tides of Change:

Technology; Institutional; Demographics; Environments/Ethical; Social Values

These are key aspects that future employers will need to look at.  An aging population was certainly a talking point, especially with medical advances we will start to live to the ripe old age of 120!

The final message was Challenge the Impossible.

New Broome Sweeps Clean…

Which is what Jade did when she started her new role as Sales Office Manager, at the very picturesque Broome Park.  Sharon, our specialist in Hospitality Recruitment said “It was lovely to meet Jade in her new job and she was already thoroughly enjoying her role and both Jade and the client were very happy”.

Sharon also took the time to walk around the wonderful grounds of this heritage site.

Privacy Policy in accordance with GDPR guidelines

Privacy Policy in accordance with GDPR guidelines

At Artemis Recruitment Consultants Ltd, we’re committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.

This Policy explains when and why we collect personal information about people, how we use it, the conditions under which we may disclose it to others and how we keep it secure.

We may change this Policy from time to time so please check our policy link on the bottom of our web page to ensure that you’re happy with any changes.

Any questions regarding this Policy and our privacy practices should be sent by email to sam@artemisrecruitment.co.uk

Who are we?

We are Artemis Recruitment Consultants Ltd – Company number 09843254, Registered address; 35 High Street, Margate, CT9 1DX

How do we collect information from you?

We obtain information about you when you apply for one of our job vacancies:

  • When you send us your CV
  • When you complete one of our application forms
  • If you have uploaded your CV to a jobsite and we think you would be interested in one of our job roles. In this case, we will only save your information if you tell us you would like to go ahead with the job application and give us permission to use your personal information.

What type of information is collected from you?

The personal information we collect will be anything you chose to include on your CV. This might be your name, address, email address, place of work, former place of work, photo and hobbies. There may be other information we collect, depending on what information you put on to your CV.

How is your information used?

We may use your information to contact you via email or phone to discuss job vacancies. These vacancies may be ones you have applied for or ones we think you may be interested in – you always have the right to tell us you are not interested in any of our job vacancies or that you do not wish for us to contact you regarding any further roles.

Who has access to your information?

We will not sell or rent your information to third parties.

We will not share your information with third parties for marketing purposes.

We WILL share your data with the following third parties:

Direct Employers; Having spoken to you in detail about said direct employer and job vacancy, you and Artemis Recruitment Consultants Ltd will both agree if your data (anything contained on your CV), will be sent to our customer via email. We will never send your data (CV) to any customer without your prior consent.

We will regularly check that our customers our using your personal data in accordance with GDPR policies. If for some reasons we discover one of our customer is not acting compliantly, we will suggest they should be handling your data in accordance with the GDPR policies and let them know we will be checking that our suggestions have been implemented within 6 months. If the problem persists, we will have to review our working relationship moving forward.

Our CRM provider, Zoho; Artemis Recruitment Consultants Ltd use a CRM system to store your personal information, we may also capture notes on your file relating to any discussion we have had with you.

Our CRM provider is Zoho Recruit and their GDPR Policy can be found here, https://www.zoho.com/recruit/userguide/gdpr/

Artemis Recruitment Consultants Ltd Staff; Our staff will have access to your data via the above-mentioned CRM system. We do not “lock this down”, so all our staff will have access to your information, this is to help us provide you with a better service. Your personal information will only be accessed if our staff feel it will be of benefit to you, e.g. they have found a job role they think you would like to hear about.

All our devices at Artemis Recruitment Consultants Ltd are fully protected by up to date antivirus software. All staff are required to provide details of installed antivirus and sign to say it is in place and when it is due for renewal – copies of these signed forms can be produced upon request.

Your choices

You have a choice about whether you wish to give us your information, if we can contact you with this information and if you would like us to keep this information.

If you feel we may have information on you and/or you would like us to delete it, please contact us on sam@artemisrecruitment.co.uk . We will reply within 14 days with what information we are currently holding on you and ask what you would like us to do with it moving forward.

The above policy is current and correct as of May 2018. We will be continuously reviewing our policies and the way in which we handle personal data. Our processes are scheduled for review, every 6 months. Meaning our next full review will be November 2018.

If any of the above is not clear due to language used, terms, etc… please do contact Sam Bambridge – Director on 0203 978 4888 or sam@artemisrecruitment.co.uk and we will be more than happy to discuss our policies further with you.