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Preparing for Interviews - Top Resources 

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In need of some additional interview help but not sure where to look? Website resources listing out-of-date, irrelevant or unhelpful information? We're here to help; we’ve collected together our favourite resources for every step of the interview process:

Online Course with Future Learn 

This Future Learn course, that you can progress through at your own pace, gives you an in-depth view of all aspects of the interviewing process: preparing for interviews, creating a positive impression, as well as information on non-traditional interviews. This is a free resource that you can use to ensure you feel prepared for your interview, which has the added bonus of a comments section for every article and video, where you can ask questions and read responses from other participants in the course.

Interview Questions in bite-sized videos

CareerVidz, run by Career Guidance professional Richard McMunn, is a Youtube channel dedicated to providing crucial careers advice. In particular, they boast a wide range of information and example answers on Behavioural Questions, in addition to common questions used for various sectors like IT, Managerial, and Sales roles, as well as company-specific questions for heavy hitters like Google and Amazon. 


Glassdoor is an excellent resource to view interview questions in advance. After you’ve signed up for free, you can view an unlimited number of questions that other candidates have been asked during their interviews, with other users providing practice answers to these questions. This is great for getting an idea of what answers to prepare for your interview, and what skills the company tends to focus on for hiring candidates.

Mock interview resources

Don’t have anyone to practise your prepared answers with? Here are two options for simulating an interview online. My Interview Practice is a paid resource where you are presented with various questions from industry professionals. You have the option of answering these in real-time and viewing your recordings to analyse your responses, or you can send your recordings to anyone else for review. While expensive for one month, being able to react to industry-related questions in real-time is an important skill that can be honed using this site.

Otherwise, there are a myriad of free, more generalised mock interviews available on Youtube to practise sitting opposite a stranger and familiarising oneself with the interview setup once again.

On the Day Interview Checklist

While preparing for the interview itself, it is not surprising that some of the on the day necessities may slip your mind. This is where the simple tips from Saint Leo University are a great benefit to ensure that you have everything you may need for the interview at hand. While not entirely conclusive for every possible interview, having this to hand will allow you to concentrate on preparing the best answers possible. 

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