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What exactly is a Mortgage Advisor?

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The process of researching and applying for a mortgage can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task for many people looking to become homeowners. A mortgage advisor, or mortgage broker, simplifies this process with their expertise and understanding of the complexities of mortgages, offering mortgage guidance to prospective homeowners.


What does a mortgage advisor do?

A mortgage advisor can aid individuals in any stage of searching or applying for a mortgage. Individuals have different needs and financial situations. A mortgage advisor uses their expertise to assess one’s financial situation, involving income analysis, credit checks and other factors that are of importance in measuring someone’s borrowing capacity. They also have extensive knowledge on the current market, including interest rates and lender policies, which influence different mortgage plans available. A mortgage broker can analyse different options, recommending those that suit certain people’s financial situations better from a range of lenders. 

When it comes to applying for a mortgage, advisors can assist with this too. They communicate with lenders on behalf of their clients, providing an efficient service helping clients complete any necessary paperwork and tasks along the way. This also involves effective negotiating with lenders, using their knowledge to ensure loans are convenient to the client. Mortgage advisor’s will continue to offer their guidance to clients after the mortgage application is complete, which could involve advice on refinancing or advice on mortgage adjustments.


How to become a mortgage broker

To become a mortgage advisor no university degree is required, but achieving a degree could give someone a competitive advantage over others seeking a mortgage advisor role. Degrees such as finance, business management, real estate or other related courses will provide essential knowledge to gain an understanding of this field. A Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP) is a necessary qualification to pass to become a mortgage advisor. Many CeMAP qualifications are taken whilst also working an entry-level role, to allow individuals to gain experience in the work whilst also studying. Alternatively, they can be studied independently, with the necessary Level 3 course is provided by The London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF).


This gives a brief overview of the role of a mortgage advisor and the qualifications needed to become one. We hope you found this useful and if you are considering a job in the Financial Services check out our jobs page or contact us for more information.