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What makes a winning LinkedIn profile?

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Linked in is a great platform to network with professionals and build a portfolio of your achievements. But how do you make the most of your profile? In this blog post, we’ll look at the five top tips for perfecting your LinkedIn profile.


 1.     Update your profile picture

Having a profile picture makes your LinkedIn profile 14 times more likely to be viewed by other users. Your picture is therefore a critical part of the success of your profile. There are certain pitfalls to avoid to make sure your photo is LinkedIn ready. Avoid using an outdated photo that does not reflect how you look today. On top of this, opt for a photo where your head takes up around 60 per cent of the frame. Research suggests that long-distance photos do not attract as much attention. Finally, present yourself how you would on a normal workday in professional clothing.


2.     Check your endorsements


Endorsements are a great way to provide evidence for your skills on LinkedIn. Colleagues past and present can provide an endorsement for any of the skills you have listed in the Skills section of your LinkedIn profile. These can be very beneficial as it shows your network that those you work with can attest to your abilities. However, you should manage your endorsed skills carefully. On the Skills section of your LinkedIn profile, you can choose to hide or show your endorsed skills at any time. Think about showing off specialised skills, such as proficiency in Microsoft Office, over generalised skills, such as teamwork. It is also worth curating a skills section that is complementary and targeted to the competencies desired in your field or industry.


3.     Request a reference


A great way to boost the impact of your profile is to feature a reference from a current or previous employer. Recommendations are more personal and detailed than an endorsement on LinkedIn and therefore stand out more. In the Recommendations section of your LinkedIn profile, there is a drop-down menu that allows you to reach out to specific contacts to request a recommendation. This allows you to think about who you would like to request the recommendation from and to personalise the request.


4.     Stay away from buzzwords 


LinkedIn has revealed its most overused buzzwords. Making the list are words including innovative, leadership, and passionate. Whilst it is not necessarily a negative to use these words in your LinkedIn profile, they are not, in themselves, convincing. It is more effective to demonstrate these qualities by stating your achievements in your professional life. If you have experience in managing a team of financial administrators to achieve your company’s target, then this demonstrates your ability as a leader. Including this achievement on your profile is more powerful than relying on buzzwords.


5.     Grow your network


Now that you’ve polished your profile. How can you make the most of using LinkedIn to benefit your career? It is important to grow your network by adding your professional contacts. LinkedIn allows you to sync your profile with your email address book and this is an efficient way to make sure your network is up to date with relevant connections. On top of this, make sure to follow the pages and profiles of important players in your industry: be it News sites or industry leaders. This will allow you to keep up to date with developments and opportunities.


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