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Your Perfect Role in Financial Services

Image representing Your Perfect Role in Financial Services from Artemis Recruitment Consultants

A job in the Financial Services industry is highly sought-after and for good reason. There are plenty of opportunities for travel, hybrid working, competitive pay and excellent benefits.

There are many roles in Financial Services that you may not even be aware of. In this post we will cover some of the most interesting roles in the industry that may just be perfect for you.


Operations refers to the “back office” role of ensuring the business activities are conducted as efficiently as possible. It’s not the same as the “middle office” roles of IT or Accountancy but refers to tasks such as implementation of strategy or the management of cash.  

It may not seem the most glamorous of roles, but it is vital to the Financial Services industry in ensuring services are delivered to clients. If you are organised and want the opportunity to take on leadership and management roles, then Operations is one to consider.


Financial Writer

Financial Services and creativity may not seem like natural friends to each other. However, there are opportunities within the industry to flex your creative flair. Financial Services companies are often looking for talented writers to create relevant content for their websites. There are also opportunities to work with a content agency or as a freelancer.


Financial Planning

Financial planning is all about advising clients on everything from investments to tax to estate management. Clients can be anyone. It’s a mix of consultancy, developing client relationships, and thinking about the long-term strategy for your client so is perfect if you have excellent people skills as well as a keen analytical mind.

Financial Planning is an incredibly varied role, and you can expect to be working across a multitude of financial products. This will allow you to gain expertise in numerous aspects of the industry from pensions to insurance. This in-demand knowledge will only increase your value in the field.



Investment professionals are primarily facilitators. They help pair individuals and companies who need funds with investors who can supply them with resources. Skilled investment professionals are crucial in the financial field since many individuals and companies choose to invest their funds based on advice from an investment firm or an independent broker. Many investment professionals have a degree in Finance, Accounting or Economics and so it may be a career to consider if you already have this background. Investment advisors also need a license to practice and so there is a significant amount of hard work required to gain these necessary qualifications. However, you can expect to be rewarded with an excellent salary. If you thrive in a fast-paced environment, then this may just be the role for you. 



Paraplanners help develop and review customers’ financial plans, including preparing client reports and recommendations for financial advisors. Paraplanners are an emerging role in the industry, and they are proving crucial in allowing Financial Planners to focus on working closely with their clients. The main duties of a Paraplanner include analysing clients’ needs and researching suitable products based on this.


Financial Administrator 

Financial Administration offers a great point of entry into the Financial Services with options for progression as your career continues. A Financial Administrator is responsible for preparing financial reports and budgets, book-keeping, and managing accounts. However, duties may vary depending on the type of company that you work for. It goes without saying that organisation is a key skill for this job. Written and verbal communication are also important and if you are a whiz on IT software, you may be well suited for this role.


Financial Analyst

The typical responsibilities of a financial analyst may include assessing the company's spending, adjusting budgets, and creating a strategic business plan. They could also project future profits and potential losses and write and review financial reports and documents. If you are detail-oriented and can delve into data to create reports then an Analyst role may be up your street.



Individuals working in Compliance ensure that your company complies with its external regulatory requirements and internal policies. The Compliance department will include roles from Assistants to Managers. You may be tasked with reviewing existing policies and procedures and communicating compliance requirements to other departments. Compliance roles tend to require a bachelor’s degree and strong critical thinking!


These are just a few of the roles that exist in the Financial Services industry. Many more opportunities exist out there, be sure to follow Artemis on LinkedIn, Twitter and more to keep up to date with the latest Financial Services jobs!